Court saves Kisumu East MP from 240k child support demand

A Kisumu court has absolved Kisumu Town East MP over a suit demanding him to pay 240,000 per month for a child support.

Shakeel Shabbir who has been in court for months in a bid to save himself from outrageous demands from a woman she had a son with.

Appearing before today, Kisumu Senior Resident Magistrate Pauline Mbulika, granted the legislators plea to have the son to his custody instead of remitting monthly upkeep to the mother.

The court heard that the two parties have not been able to agree on access to the child as Shabbir insisted the boy needed love and care from both parents. In his affidavit, he argued that the child was likely to undergo psychological trauma after his mother denied the MP access to him.

For a while Shabbir has been giving the lady Kshs 35,000 monthly for upkeep of their two and half-year-old son a reward the woman did not find satisfying.

Meanwhile she wanted the court to dismiss the Shabbir’s demand to be granted custody of their son on grounds that the MP lives with his wife and that the kid would likely to be neglected and mistreated in such an environment.

This is what drove her to court to seek an award of Kes 240,00 monthly upkeep which she claimed was sufficient for her needs.

The breakdown of her demands included: Kes 50,000 for rent, Kes 18,000 for recreation, Kes 30,00 for monthly food supplies, Kes 40,000 for school fees and Kes 10,000 each for the house help’s salary, security, school lunch, school transport and transport, Kes 8,000 for electricity bill, Kes 6,000 for water and Kes 28,000 for medical insurance.