Lakeside Life: 5 remarkable out-door places to visit in Kisumu

Its indisputable that Kisumu is a vibrant melting pot of culture and activities begging to be explored. Getting here takes only  a 45 minute flight, or a 6-hour-drive and up to 8 hours if you opt for a public transport from Nairobi.

Kisumus' weekends offers the best opportunity for one to sample the exciting places and out door destinations with amazing experience.

Of the many out-door estinations here are the sampled five:

1.Dunga Hill Camp

Dunga Hill Camp has stood out and grown over the years to be the prolific hangout in Kisumu. This place offers a scenic view of golden sunsets as one sips their favorite drinks and some good music. It is fairly modest patch, reclaimed from the vast Dunga swamp that stretches from the shores of Kisumu to the Kano plains but it is one of those places with outsized reputations. It attracts a diverse crowd from the trendy Kisumu middle class to tourists to visitors just exploring Kisumu for the first time.

Sunset at Dunga Hill Camp

Dunga Hill Camp offers spectacular views of Lake Victoria as well as of Kisumu’s rapidly expanding skyline. But the main attraction is definitely the golden Kisumu sunset. Some travel this dirty patch of road simply to get a glimpse.  It has well stocked bar that even serves some craft beers and of course there is a nyama choma joint, too!

2.Kiboko Bay

Its a unique Kisumu's lake setting that makes it unsurprisingly synonymous with fish, boat rides and birdwatching. Staring out onto the jetty from the outdoor terrace while tucking into the house special of wet fry tilapia is like looking out onto a breathtaking painting whose beauty you can't quite articulate (and not just because of what's going on in your palate).

Contributing to the atmosphere here are creaking wooden floorboards and red metallic railings lined with lanterns hoisted up on poles on both sides. Add to this the boats that are docked and eagerly waiting to have you aboard and you'll see why it's a favourite.

For luxury accommodation right by the lake, the cottages here are your best bet. This is also one of the only spots around where you can get luxury motorboats that can offer excursions to bigger groups.

3.Lwang'ni Beach

In Kisumu its famous and irresistible.....Its Lwang'ni beach. A name derived from a repulsive insect, housefly yet it has continued to linger on the lips of both locals and guests in this city.

Although the unpleasant name stuck, Lwang’ni is now a sight to behold, offering not only exceptional fish delicacies but also water sports, bird watching and other recreational activities.

Lwan'ni beach is characterised series of brightly coloured semi-permanent eateries dotted along the lake. Due to competition among the close-knit restaurants, you will be hounded by waiters, each scrambling to entice you to their spot.

Its one spot that has made Kisumu synonymous with fresh, tasty tilapia or Nile perch drawn from the second largest fresh water lake that drives visitors to the region.

Here, a simple gaze at a wave from the furthest the eye can see until it stops in the hyacinth or sand is utter therapy.

4.Hippo Point

Hippo Point is an open viewing area but, despite its name, you are more likely to catch a great sunset or spot various birds. It's a great place for picnics or to hire a boat, but is yet to be fully tapped for the amazing potential it has to increase tourism to the city.

This is a place when you need to relax and relieve yourself from a long working week.Hippo point Kisumu is a place known to have many residents if you want to meet new friends the Kisumu hippo point is the place to be. There is something different as the sunset in Kisumu, it gives a beautiful scenery of the culminating orange rays disappearing on the other side of the lake.

Indeed it is a place where you will shy away from the crowd and discover what this beautiful city holds hippos.

4.Impala Park Sanctuary

For nature lovers, this walking sanctuary has about 115 bird species, nature trail circuits, free-roaming zebras and impalas, baboons, monkeys, an animal orphanage with caged lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, zebras, as well as jackals, buffaloes and the endangered sitatunga antelope.

It's a great site for ecology and wildlife research, and your kids are bound to love this. Nestled within the serenity of the park is a unique and secluded wheelchair accessible eco-lodge with 12 elegant cottages overlooking the lake – the ideal accommodation for luxury-seeking nature lovers.

5.Kit Mikayi

This is a 40m-high rock formation along the Kisumu-Bondo Road whose name translates as 'stone of the first wife'.

Also known as 'the weeping rock', it is said that Mikayi went up a hill to cry when her husband took a second wife and that she has been weeping ever since. An alternative tale tells that her husband would spend so much time at the caves within the rocks that she started joking that he was visiting his second wife – both allude to polygamy. From this stone, visitors can enjoy a clear view of Lake Victoria, Kisumu City and the Kisumu International Airport as well as the rolling plains

A drive to this site will reveal how such Luo homes were traditionally set up.