One-on-One with DJ Sanif

In Summary

-His real names are Sanif Omondi

-Mixes all genre of music

-Thinks being a DJ is worth it


I had never met him before but I had heard his mixes being played in many places especially in Nairobi Matatus and joints. Fortunatley, last Saturday we met at Mamba Lounge Kisumu. I grabbed this opportunity to know what this young enthusiastic DJ was all about.

Who is DJ Sanif?

Am Sanif Omondi Awino Abubakar . DJ sanif is an energetic,hardworking disk jockey(DJ) who has a proven track record of working with most of the country’s renown events organizations. a DJ whose Keen on ensuring a high quality of service is upheld.

That is quite interesting,Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Mombasa county…

Do you have any other job apart from DeeJaying?

Nope. I am a full time DJ. Though I also involve myself with other activities.

Why and how did become a DJ?

Hehehe its a long story.I grew up listening to Metro Fm back in the days and my favourite show was riddim base hosted by Jeff Mwangemi and DJ Stano.

During my early years in primary school they used to call me stano or dj stano. I used to know every new song that came out. Through them I got inspired thus realized my carreer path.

Some people think being a DJ is all fun, Do you face challenges in the Industry?

Well, there are many challenges, the major being lack of appreciated, Some managers or club owners have the habit of using a DJ to benefit themselves. It should be a two way relationship where both parties benefit since clients love cool nice and flowing music regardless of the genre, and “who does this?” Wel u already know the answer.

Like some DJ usually do, have you specialised on any genre of music?

Hahaha I love that question, As much as I play different genrws, i have a soft spot for oldskol hip hop, I like distinguishing myself from current DJs who like playing new stuffs and hype. 

Am more into oldskol hip hop.

 DJ Andie “the legendary DJ” is my model when it comes to oldskol hip hop.

Does being a DJ Pay?

Yes it does though this depends on how you have branded yourself.

As for me DJing is my hustle, so i do music full time.

What are your charges and where are based?

Charges vary thus can’t be quantified, i.e. corporate events and concerts pay better than club gigs rho we all need club gigs for sustainability. In a nutshell it can put food on my table.

Any future dream?

My future mission is to become the most successful DJ in the country and beyond. With a vision to build a franchise that will nurture young talents.

What do you do with free time?

Listening to music,a little bit of research and playing fifa hehehe I know it sounds kinda wierd.

Do you have a dream car?

Ford mustang. The engine sound is priceless.