With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s just the right time to surprise your special one and, it is the time to show them how much you love them. Of course, there is this sense of special feelings of love one gets to feel when treated better on special days as Valentine.

Certainly romantic getaway doesn’t always have to be in the remote Islands of Zanzibar or the magnificent alleys of Paris. Surprise your loved one with amazing experience this Valentine’s Day in Western Kenya. Have the time of your life in this regions’ most romantic vacation destinations, from lovable cottages to deluxe beach resorts; and experience the all-inclusive facilities such as unique cuisine, butler service, spa treatment and infinity pools, candlelit dinner and splendid hilltop views.

These are the top 8 hotels in Western Kenya with the most exciting Valentines Day experience to crave for. You may not be familiar witha some of these facilities but certainly they harbor unique unimaginable experiences.

Golden Rays Hotel

Golden Rays Hotel is a true definition of a boutique hotel – small in scale, full of character and intimate. Just 20 min drive from Homabay Town, Golden Rays is very much an isolated off road location different from the bustling resort town of Homabay. The place is tucked in a rural set-up but the state-of-art structures which stands against the magnificent views of the expansive waters of Lake Victoria will completely blow you away.

Their simplicity exudes good taste, great comfort and restrained luxury. Each room has uninterrupted views of the lake and provides visitors with a private enclave where they can do what they please. There is nothing as heart-warming as winding up your evening together with streaks of golden sun rays stroking your faces. It is epic, extremely exciting! Try it out this valentines.


Sosa Cottages

Sosa cottages in Vihiga County provides a country side homely feel; it’s the true definition of a home-away from home adage. The landscaping- well, manicured lawns, flowers and hedges, makes this place scenic and gives it a relaxing ambience. A self-contained cottage would be very ideal for those who would wish to spend their valentines here. And hey, are you a fun of swimming? Sossa cottages swimming pool will satisfy your swimming desire.


The Vic Hotel-Kisumu

 In the heart of Kisumu City lies The Vic Hotel. It is undoubtedly a wonderful place to wine and dine with your partner this season. You will get close to one of the best and friendly restaurants in Western Kenya. And guess what? This will most likely do the trick you need in your relationship. Yea, the sight alone screams romance. There are special menus which The Vic will be offering to make your Valentine’s Day indelible in your memory.

 It can’t get any better than this right? Have fun pouring out your feelings this season. Lest I forget, their accommodation packages are friendly and services is top notch. You will never get it wrong with The Vic….Try it out


Wigot Gardens

How about trying something on top of the hills this valentine’s day? With an epic view of the lakeside city of Kisumu, Wigot Gardens presents an exclusive indoor and outdoor experience with invaluable anesthetic feel courtesy of their rich vegetative setting. Wigot’s special package will host you in an elegantly furnished room, offer roses and chocolates to the lady and treat you to a special music by their in-house artist. Their rooms will sweep you off your feet. Oh, before I forget, Wigot Gardens also have a very excting special offers this season. Check their website and social pages.


Grand Royal Swiss Hotel

The entire atmosphere of Grand Royal Swiss Hotel exudes romance making it a place to visit this Valentine’s Day. Indulge in a classic treat and special offers on accommodation and friendly dining options in this spot. It is located at along Kisumu-Kakamega road and set on the beautiful peak of Riat hills with a scenic view of Nandi hills. Grand Royal Swiss Hotel gives just the perfect atmosphere for couples looking for a romantic breakout this Valentine’s Day.

You can bask out your day under the sun by the poolside, cuddle up to your sweetheart at night as well as enjoying exceptional views while wining and dining with your loved one at the terrace.


Mills View Hotel

Dear friends, a beautiful spot just landed in town! The ‘just arrived’ Mills View Hotel is another amazing spot to look for this Valentine. Don’t miss out on all of the goodies it came with. Make that “wow surprise” to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day by stepping into Achieng’ Oneko Road, Kisumu where Mills View is situated. Why this new hotel? Because it does come with whole lots of interesting things for Valentine celebration and it offers a cozy, friendly setting for couples to enjoy a romantic meal and accommodation. Treat your sweetheart to only the best and surprise her with a divine meal.


Rusinga Island Lodge

A place of infinite beauty to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. This lodge should be your a dream destination!

Leave alone the uniquely done cottages, the scenic view of the lake is more than rejuvenating. Exuding an atmosphere of serene tranquility, Rusinga's manicured lawns stretch to Lake Victoria's edge.

Rusinga's grounds, with its exotic trees, are haven for a myriad of bird species - many of which are unique to this small corner of Kenya. These spacious ground and the waters are ideal for bonding games…You can engage your partner in fun games this Valentines.


Takawiri Island Resort

 Lake Victoria is gifted. But you can never understand the depth of this gift until you set your eyes on the gem that makes the second biggest fresh water lake more vibrant and appetizing.

Few places on the show of Lake Victoria can evoke images of white sands, blue waters and palm tree paradise like Takawiri Island Resort.

Apart from the exceptional phenomenon, Takawiri thrives on exclusivity and privacy.


It has few cottages that are always on high so this valentine probably you might miss out if you did not book in good time. However you can make a day trip with your partner. I assure you will not regret!!



Whether you wish for a simple city break for Valentine’s Day or a weekend getaway out of town, find the best and you can rest easy knowing you will have a memorable experience.

Now, you have no reason to sit at home when you can have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Budget or luxury, a city break or a safari getaway, there is something for you.