Why your trip to Kisumu is never complete without a visit to Lwangni beach

In Kisumu its famous, Its irresistible.....Its Luang'ni beach. A name derived from a repulsive insect, housefly yet it has continued to linger on the lips of both locals and guests in this city.

Although the unpleasant name stuck, Lwang’ni is now a sight to behold, offering not only exceptional fish delicacies but also water sports, bird watching and other recreational activities.

Upon getting to the  entrance of Lwang’ni beach you are met with several waiters standing outside eateries will pleasantly beckon you to be their guest.

Visitors at this place enjoy sumptuous meals of traditionally spiced tilapia with osuga (Black nightshade) alongside Ugali as they watch fishermen briskly criss-cross Lake Victoria.

It’s one spot that has made Kisumu synonymous with fresh, tasty tilapia or Nile perch drawn from the second largest fresh water lake that drives visitors to the region.

Here, a simple gaze at a wave from the furthest the eye can see until it stops in the hyacinth or sand is utter therapy.

If you drive straight on Oginga Odinga Street, you will get to a stony path sloping into the lake.

Halfway down the slope, is a dormant railway line cutting across and surrounded by reeds and banana plantations that partially conceal the Lwang’ni eateries.

Lwang’ni overlooks Kisumu International Airport to the north east.

Its proximity to the town centre makes it a favourite spot for tourists who cannot make it to farther places such as Dunga Bay, Kiboko Bay and the Hills camp.

It is also convenient for locals, who sneak in for a quick lunch before heading back to offices.

Your visit to Kisumu is incomplete without a stop at this famous bay.