must have knowledge to be a web developer

The first time I ever saw a piece of code was when back in highschool. Man I got scared, at the same intrigued, well the fact that I got scared did not stop me from digging deeper. I look back and laugh at myself. Did HTML  get me scared ? Funny how, but then that  was when I made my first step. It's a long journey now, kind of a jungle. Don't be scared. I will take you through it. So I began fooling around with HTML , simple static pages that were dry and ugly until then one night Richard came over to my place. I was busy glued on my laptop. He eventually got curious. "What's up hitting that piece of keyboard as if you breaking into NASA's server  ? " He just laughed when he did see my one and only..wait, wait I should say it like this. MADE BY ME webpage.  "Mahn you need CSS " , "HTML is just a scheleton and  CSS clothes it ,with CSS you can add colors to almost very HTML element ,animations, transitons too and so fourth and on. Then you will need javascript  to add events to your page,things like button clicks, animations. "

That's it. HTML CSS AND JAVASCRIPT, no excuse. You must have knowledge of this. I won't dig deeper into them but they are alot of tutorials online. Use google and youtube . Here is one guy that will summarise everything here. I found this video on youtube. Hope it helps and big credits to this guy. I wish you goodluck with web programmingblush.